The President

Richard Shakarian & Wife Evangeline  Shakarian

Global News of the Fellowship 

(World Convention 2012)

Full Gospel
Business Men's
Fellowship International

The Vision:

FGBMFI was founded in 1952 in Los Angeles by some twenty people led by Demos Shakarian, a Californian dairy farmer of Armenian descent. After a difficult start, it steadily grew, and after a few years branches were set up in other countries as well.

After Demos Shakarian died in 1993, his son Richard became the leader

Full Gospel Business Men's Fellowship International are businessmen, men of high, medium or low status, as well as ordinary men. Our vision is that the light of Jesus shall shine forth from each of our men into every culture, nation, race, language, and creed. That vision is becoming a reality through the Fellowship's ministries, now touching approximately 150 nations and transcending denominational, racial and cultural barriers.

The Founder of the Vision

Demos Shakarian

& Wife Rose





It is very sad to see the recent happenings in the fellowship as these issues are being made open but in the spirit of transparency there is need for all Full Gospel Businessmen Fellowship Members to know, and pray for these happenings to be melted at the feet of our Lord Jesus.


Recall It may be necessary to cast our minds back to the genesis of this our great organization in Africa. 


It all started in 1972/1974 when Rev.  T. L. Osbon came to Benin City to kick off his Africa crusade.  The late Arch. Bishop Benson Idahosa was his interpreter. When he returned to America, he told our founder, Demos Shakarian that Africa was ripped for FGBMFI.  Demos asked, were in Africa, he said Benin City.  In 1974, Demos sent T.L. Osbon, in company of three (3) other International Officers to establish the Full Gospel in Nigeria.  On getting to Benin City, they headed for Ach. Bishop Benson Idahosa, who told them that his hands were full, because he had started his young ministry, Church of God Mission.  He then gave them Mr. Dan. Uwadia, who was his convert, to be the president of the Chapter. They inaugurated the fellowship in 1974, which attracted more of Church of God Mission Members, who saw it then as an extension of their church from Ach. Bishop Idohosa.


Elder Akhigbe, who was in the front burner of the Church, who later became a Trustee and a National Treasurer of this great Fellowship, was one of the early members of the fellowship in Benin City.


Ghana Chapter, which was one of the early chapters in West Africa, was launched from Benin City, by Benin City Chapter, in company of Mr. Uwadia, Elder Tony Akhigbe and others.



Mr. Uwadia, who was then International vice President in Africa went to the international and committed an atrocity, by forging the signatories of the National Treasurer and some Field Representatives, then to  obtain some monies from the International under false pretense to building a befitting international head quarter for Africa. His request was grated him. He therefore re-located to California in America, where he was reading theology.  After a long waiting to get reports for Africa, and nothing was forth coming, Demos sent back the men that launched the fellowship in Africa- Benin City, to find out the true position of the fellowship, they came and were able to locate Elder Tony Akhigbe in Benin City, who told them the true situation in the fellowship. He denied the forged signatories, which  means that there was no such request being made by the Fellowship leadership at that time. The Fellowship had scattered and there was no leadership. The delegates returned to America, and reported their disappointment and findings to Demos. The International executive therefore pronounced suspension on Nigeria FGBMFI. And discovered the man, Kebarabara in Kenya, who then became the African International Vice President to replace Mr. Dan. Uwadia.



Nigeria was on this suspension until Elder Sam Mbata went on his Business trip to America, say about. 1984, were he attended the fellowship’s World Convention and had his encounter with Demos Shakarian, who showed interest in him. At the close of the convention, Elder Sam Mabta indicated his interest for the fellowship in Nigeria, Mr. Christopher who was in change of International matters requested from Mabta where in Nigeria, he was given the address of those who were still holding the fellowship in Port- Harcourt, such men like Clement Ezepue, Tony Okoro , Mr. Orji, Mr. Richard, and others.


On returning to Port- Harcourt, Elder Sam Mabta located the young men who insisted that he must be their President.  On acceptance of this offer, he then asked of the details of the Fellowship in Nigeria, he was then told about the Trustees, namely

Elder Tony Akhigbe

Engr. Chike Mbamalu

Elder Sunday Essen. 

He made effort to link up with them, and they scheduled a meeting with the International – Demos, and pleaded that the suspension imposed on Nigeria FGBMFI be lifted.


This goes to show that there is nothing new under the sun. It is our prayer that there will be a bright light at the end of the tunnel as it happened with years ago.


The Greatest of all is Love.


Pray for Nigeria, Pray for the International and pray for yourselves.


The fellowship must be one..


Yea are a chosen generation, a  Royal Priesthood, A peculiar people, a holy nation, called forth to show the praises of him that has called you out of darkness into his marvelous light…


Come let us serve him together…


As You review this, please send your comments, thoughts & prayers to:  &




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